About Irish Dance

HarpChampionOriginating in Ireland, Irish dancing is a traditional dance form that includes both social, performance and competitive opportunities. Many people think of Riverdance when they think of Irish dancing. Irish dancing is this and so much more!  Irish dancing is recognized by rapid leg movements accompanied by stationary upper bodies and arms. In competition, most dances are danced solo, characterized by a controlled upper body, straight arms, and precise movements of the feet. Irish dancing can be performed in either soft shoes or hard shoes, and can consist of solo dancing or group dancing.




New Students learn basic movements, then memorize a Reel first, then progress to Light,Single, and Slip Jigs, Hornpipes, Treble Jigs and Set Dances. Irish dancers perform these Seven distinct dances in shows and compete them at a Feis (pronounced fesh), an Irish Dance Festival.  Students at Harp may participate in many shows as soon as they display proficiency in their first Reel.




Irish Dance provides opportunities for personal growth and goal setting as well as team dances and events that promote leadership skills, working together and detail oriented skills. Our dancers participate in a variety of team activities, including Social Dance teams, performing teams and competitive teams.

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