About our School

About the
Harp Irish Dance Company


The Mission of the Harp Irish Dance Company is to provide a quality Irish Dance Education to all regardless of age, race, or finances. Their focus is on Family, Tradition, Friendship, Excellence and Fun!

The Harp Irish Dance Company is unique in many ways!
– modest, affordable costuming!
– most complete Irish Dance performing experience.
– small class sizes and individualized instruction.
– family atmosphere- parents welcome to observe classes.
Come feel the difference with our Harp Family!

Why the Harp?
To tell the history of the Irish harp is to tell the history of its people. The harp has always stood as an integral part of its culture. It is the official national symbol of Ireland, often appearing on the flag, and appears on the back of all Irish coins.
It was the instrument of the Bards. The bardic class was critical to the survival of the Irish way of life. It was by and large an oral culture with a minimal system of written language. Oral history and the telling of stories was vitally important to the community. Bards held a much higher social status in Celtic communities than musicians or storytellers in other societies. The harp was the bardic instrument. It was used for pure music too, but it became important because it was used to accompany the recitation or the singing of stories and thus to preserve the oral history.
The Dagda, one of the old Irish gods, is often depicted with a harp. Irish bards were supposed to be able to play three different types of tunes with magical properties on the harp – tunes that would move their listeners to tears, laughter, or sleep. The harp figures prominently in the myth of Oisin who is the last hero of the Golden Age of Ireland. He played the harp so beautifully that Niamh, one of the fairies or one of the Sidhe, steals him away and takes him to the land of the fairies. Yeats, hundreds of years later, wrote a beautiful epic poem called ‘The Wanderings of Oisin’.
The Harp Irish Dance company recognizes the power of dance as a natural storyteller and form of expression. We create dancers that communicate to their audiences, and tell the story of Irish Culture in our productions.