New Student FAQ’s

1. What is Irish Dance?

Irish Step dance is a traditional dance form that has been developing since before history was recorded. It is characterized by an immobile upper body and dynamic movements such as leaps, kicks, skips and tap-like hardshoe movements.  Irish dance is usually performed to traditional Irish/Celtic foot-tapping music. The most well-recognized Irish Dance can be found in the Stage Show Riverdance, but we cover much more than that specialized version. 

2. What certifications do you hold?

Our director, Aubree Shelley is certified through An Coimisiun le Rince Gaelacha: Irish Dancing Commission in Dublin to teach authentic Irish Dance to a high level. She holds a degree in Education and a minor in World Dance from Brigham Young University and has 20 years of Irish Dance Teaching Experience. 

3. What classes do you offer?

We teach Irish Dance only in a sequential development designed to take you from beginner to champion! Most students need to start with a beginner level class to learn the basics. Our schedule can be found Here.

4.  What age do you accept?

Our regular beginner classes start at age 7. We make exceptions to this if a child of 5 or 6 is a younger sibling of an Irish dancer OR has taken at least 2 years of another dance form such as tap, ballet or clogging. 

We do offer a special tiny tot program for kids 3-6 every January-March. Students of this program will learn foundational Irish dance skills and will participate in the Salt Lake City St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Siamsa Festival. Contact Us for more info!

Are you an adult? Contact us for information on our adult class offerings!

5. What do students need for class?

Irish dance is a rigorous exercise, so we ask that students wear t-shirts and shorts or leggings. Knees and ankles should be visible to ensure proper alignment. Do not wear jeans or baggy pants. Hair should be pulled back. 

Shoes are not required for beginners. If you have jazz shoes or ballet flats you may wear them. If you are interested in Irish Dance Shoes, we have a supply day where you can order shoes. 

6. Can my child perform?

Yes! Irish dance is meant to be shared. Once your child has learned at least one dance, they can perform with us! We offer several performances a year including a year-end recital. 

7.  How much are costumes?

Unlike typical dance classes, there is no new costume to buy every season. Dancers start in a school costume that will last them several years. We strive to keep the pricing on this costume reasonable, and a dancer only needs it when they begin to perform. 

Transfer Student FAQ’s

1. Do you require a class uniform?

No, just comfortable exercise attire that shows the knee and ankle joint. No jeans or baggy pants please. 

2. When a student moves up a dance do they get to learn the new dance?

Yes! If your dancer has achieved a new level in any given dance, they are allowed to learn the next level steps soon thereafter in class. 

3. Are students required to compete?

No. While we recognize and promote the benefits to character and motivation that competitive Irish Dance develops, we do not require our students to compete. They may learn recreationally and are welcome to perform with us. 

4. What is “all-inclusive” tuition?

Irish dance should not break the bank. Our tuition fees are the lowest in the state, and include the following: weekly instruction, all extra workshops and our summer multi-day “Boot Camp”, Recital +2 tickets, open studio practice time, communication about events, classes and notes, access to online study material, and extra fun team building activities. No registration fees, no workshop fees, no surprise fees. Period. 

5. Do I have to buy a costume?

We have a student costume that is required for performing and competition. We strive to keep this costume inexpensive and high quality, and should last your dancer quite a while. Wigs are not required for performing. 

6.May I watch classes?

Absolutely! Parents are welcome to watch classes and film steps their dancer is learning for additional home practice material. We have a few books and quiet activities for waiting siblings in our lobby, and we ask that you help them to help keep our learning environment focused. 

7. Do you offer performances?

Yes! As soon as a dancer has one dance, they can participate in at least one show per term. We have an auditioned performing team that performs an average of four times per season. Auditions occur in September. 

8. May I come try out a class to see if you are a good fit for my dancer?

Yes, we welcome you to a trial lesson before you finalize a transfer. These will be kept confidential. 

9. How do I complete a transfer?

The Western Region Council requires that transferring students from certified schools pay a $50 transfer fee to the region and serve a 6-month restyling period suspended from competing. A student must take a class at our studio before the transfer can be completed. 

10. I haven’t taken Irish dance for awhile. Do I need to complete a transfer?

Dancers who have not danced at another certified school for a year may start classes at Harp IDC without a suspension or Fee. 

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